I-TRAP Internet Security Services is the natural service progression of Bright.net Internet Providers. Our technology was developed as the next layer of security for real-world networking and Internet services.

Our Corporate sales staff is highly trained and ready to respond to your need for intelligent internet, network and security support. We are available to advise, configure and provision Internet and network technologies for security monitoring.

The I-TRAP Network Operations Center is responsible for more than just monitoring security alerts. As part of a regional ISP, I-TRAP's Staff has hands on experience with virtually any operating platform, firewall manufacturer or network configuration. Our expertise goes well beyond just knowing firewall configurations and reading automated reporting software. The NOC staff is responsible for investigating event trends and traffic deviations as well as security related issues.

Our services are supported by a carrier class facility that has triple redundant backbone connections, Telco level hosting facility and a staff dedicated to supporting our customers.

Storm variant strikes again
On Sunday, April 8th, 2007, a storm was brewing.