Here is what industry profesionals have been saying about I-TRAP Internet Security Services...

"Many small to mid-sized companies, regardless of which vertical market, understand the importance of security but do not have the resources to address many of the issues. It is great to see an organization like I-TRAP not only realize this need but also implement a fantastic, cost-effective solution based on industry standards that helps address this need in the managed security space."

Totem Security

Undisclosed Customer

"The I-Trap service has greatly meet our corporation's need for the monitoring, detecting, and responding to intrusion events
on our critical infrastructure. Their 24/7 staff has been extremely supportive in offering detection and response measures for
network events. Their sensors provides excellent real-time and forensic capabilities, while their reporting allows us to quickly and effectively shift
through large amounts of data to offer us a organized view of the activity on our network."

-xxxx xxxxxxx Major Cleveland Corporation

Storm variant strikes again
On Sunday, April 8th, 2007, a storm was brewing.