Complete the following form to see if you qualify for a 7 day trial of I-TRAP (full Level 3 installation). We encourage you to request this free trial and see how ADS and IDS can make a difference in your network security and management.

7 Day I-TRAP Trial
The I-TRAP Trial is available to qualified companies based on the request of a network administrator or manager. Please fill out the following quote request form and an I-TRAP representative will contact you with a quick interview to see if your network will qualify for a full level 3 installation.
*By accepting an I-TRAP trial you will be responsible for shipping cost of the I-TRAP Customer Premise Equipment.

    Your Trial will include

  • Pre-installation Interview
  • Seven days of full service of I-Trap Level 3
  • A top 20 security risks scan
  • Log, reporting and alerting review

Storm variant strikes again
On Sunday, April 8th, 2007, a storm was brewing.